Helping you succeed in your direct sales business with customized solutions based on the BigContacts CRM platform.

This is my Second Brain!

I’m here to help you succeed in your direct sales business by customizing the BigContacts CRM platform to help you manage the details and processes in your business. This is… your second brain!

What you’ll get here is not just another “Program”. This is a completely pre-built, ready-to-go system that you can use with YOUR business, and includes YOUR customers, hostesses, leads and consultants from the FIRST DAY!

I include all those emails you keep meaning to write, but never have the time, or the “creativity”. All the checklists you need to run your business are also included. Both are automated, so you no longer need to spend all your time trying to think of what you need to do today, or which page of which binder you need to look at – it’s already there for you!

Just click on one of the links above to view a demonstration video, or to go ahead and get started! Thanks for visiting!

How I can help!

cathy-and-john-homeHi, I’m John and together with my wife Cathy Rorke, Ind. Sr. Executive Director with Thirty-One Gifts, I’ve been working to grow Cathy’s team and Thirty-One business.  In doing so, I observed a few things that consistently frustrated her.  As we became friends with other leaders in the company – and even in other DS companies, I observed the same frustrations in their businesses too!  I developed my Second Brain to overcome these frustrations »

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